The Minister of Municipalities Opens  Rashid Al-Zayani Port and 

Al-Jasra Garden.


The Minister of Municipal Affairs and Agriculture, Dr. Jumaa al-Kaabi, said the project of Port Rashid Al Zayani is a complete project with all its facilities that is intended to serve the people of Al- Jasra. He praised the efforts of Rashid bin Abdul Rahman Al- Zayyani’s family in establishing similar charity projects that benefit the people, especially children and families.


This came during the opening ceremony of the port of the distinguished Rashid bin Abdul Rahman Al Zayani and Al-Jisra Garden yesterday. The ceremony was held under the patronage of His Majesty, King Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa in the presence of the Governor of the Northern Region, a number of officials and deputies, and members the late distinguished Rashid Al-Zayani family besides a group of Al-Jisra people.


The Minister, Al-Kaabi, added that it was upon the direction of His Highness, Sheik Abdullah bin Hamad, Chairman of the General Authority for Environment and Wildlife, ports must be built in all parts of the country.  He started with Al-Had Port then Al-Malkeyeh, Askar and Tobli. Al-Kaabi pointed out that Al-Hid Port will be opened after six months, and Al-Malkeyeh will be opened soon in cooperation with the Ministry of Public Affairs. Furthermore, he added that there are plans to develop the coasts and many ports will be opened following the model Rashid Al-Zayani Port.  He brought to light that naming the port after the late distinguished Rashid Al-Zayani came to stress the eminent family’s history and strong bond that ties it to the area as well as its support to and love of charity work. He expressed his admiration to the support of distinguished Khalid bin Rashid Al-Zayani and his cooperation in establishing such vital projects that serve the country and its people.


The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Zayani Foundation, Mr. Khalid Rashid Al-Zayani expressed, on behalf of himself and the members of Al-Zayani Foundation, his sincere appreciation and gratitude to His Majesty for sponsoring this ceremony. He also expressed his gratitude for all who participated in establishing this project, namely the Municipality of the Northern Region, the representative of the Municipal Council, Mubarak Faraj Al-Al-Dosari, and Al-Taweel Group Organization for carrying out this project in the shortest time possible.


Al-Zayani said, “It in this blessed day we celebrate with the people of Al-Jasra the inauguration of the project that our late father recommended to establish. Al- Jasra has always been our home, the home where we were brought up, and the port used by our late father to fish. He, God blesses his soul, had a thorough knowledge of each fishing locations in this region”.


Al-Zayani added, “Al-Zayani Foundation has carried out the main works in the port and garden in cooperation with the Municipality of the Northern Region, and the project is now a very important one from economic as well as tourism perspective. The project has provided the people of Al-Jasra with a modern port that can accommodate all types of fishing boats along with a large garden, a swimming beach, a playground for children and a mosque in addition to other service facilities.


The Director General of the Municipality of the  Northern Region, Abdul Karim Hassan, said, “Today we celebrate the completion of another accomplishments that embodies the community partnership between the public sector and the private sector. It gave us a great pleasure to have felt the fine cultural values the distinguished Bahrainis have.  Such values are originally a component of this land we all cherish belonging to, and are hardly found in many countries. This value is namely the provision of charity, which represents the highest and finest sense of good deeds of the entire community”.


He explained, “When this15000 square meters land was allocated for this port, we, at the Municipality of the Northern Region, were never concerned about building the port as we knew for sure that this country is full of philanthropists. Then we found Rashid Al-Zayani Foundation stepping forward and starting the project with a cost of BD 450 thousand. The Municipality of the Northern Region contributed in preparing the designs and supervising the accomplishment of the project. It also took care of landscaping, planting trees, and providing games in the various parts of the project”.


He added that the port might accommodate up to 30 corvettes. It contains a sixty meters sandy coastline, in addition to a green courtyard that extends over an area of ​​2000 square meters designed for families as well as a sand yard for games which contains a playground for beach volleyball and a space for games located on an area of ​​1800 square meters. Moreover, it contains public facilities such as public baths for men and women, a park to accommodate 50 cars, and a green strip along the north side of the project extending for 160 linear meters”.


The Head of the Inspection and Control Department who supervises the project in the Municipality of the Northern Region, Abdul Aziz Al-Wadiana, said that the port is from 1.2 meters to 1.5 meters deep, and the project contains an artificial island with an area of ​​360 square meters. The island works as a buffer aqueous to protect the coast and can be used for beach fishing”.


He added, "We have designed the northern strip to be used as a walkway along the port. There are two rest places in the project directly overlooking the coast. They both contain two umbrellas and two other umbrellas are being installed in the green space”.


The member of the Municipality of the Northern Region, Mubarak Faraj Al-Dosari, praised Al-Zayani family for their great contributions in the charity field.


On behalf of the people of Al-Jisra, Mubarak Salem Al-Omairi, said that he and the people of Al-Jisra welcome the inauguration of the port and the garden. He emphasized the attention His Majesty, the King, pays to developing the coastlines and the villages, as well as the follow up of the Crown Prince and the Prime Minister and their continuous support to develop the villages. Again, he praised the respected Rashid Al-Zayani’s family and their support to accomplish this project.