Rashid Al Zayani Foundation has launched an initiative to support productive Bahraini families, under the theme of “Rashid Development Fund”.


Rashid Al Zayani Foundation has launched an initiative to support productive Bahraini families, under the theme of “Rashid Development Fund”. Through this program, the Foundation was able to support small Bahraini projects by giving them financial, media as well as promotional support on the Fund’s official account. 


In an interview with Akhbar Al Khaleej, Head of Rashid Al Zayani Foundation, Omar Abdulaziz, said that while the institution keeps working on sustaining the projects in the market by giving them long term support, the first trial period has ended with the success of 13 Bahraini projects.


Mr. Omar also added that the project came to affirm the Foundation’s constant efforts to support charity work in the Bahraini society. The purpose of this is to encourage freely giving help and support to those needed, rather than depending on returns and profit. Furthermore, Mr. Omar added that activating social solidarity reinforces the role of the individual in the society, noting that this method of work is harder than traditional charity work, but much more effective than one-off contributions whose effect soon wears off.


Mr. Omar also pointed that having a success of 13 projects is not a small matter, as the projects’ success was recorded in a period of less than eight months. Meanwhile, the Foundation is still supporting some other projects to reach their main targets. The Head of the Foundation also confirmed that the second phase will start next October and the applications will be considered for 2020, as the Foundation looks to increase and diversify its projects.


Furthermore, Mr. Omar has stated that the Foundation at the time being strives to develop this community initiative through cooperating and liaising with some other charities and Members of Parliament in different areas of Bahrain. The purpose of this cooperation will be to identify the cases, which could be considered for this project. He also mentioned that before starting the initiative, it was discussed with a number of interested parties like the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Tamkeen. There will also be end-of-year reports and potential-cooperation studies for government and non-government organisations as the project grows, with the purpose of enhancing the type of support given to participants.


As for ascertaining the requirements for accepting projects, Mr. Omar mentioned that those interested should apply through the Foundation’s official e-mail info@rzmabara.com and send any relevant attachments. The case is then studied and assessed according to its relevance to the local market, and then a personal interview is organised with the project owner, only to then receive the support and help necessary for the project’s success, with a one-year follow-up period.


Speaking more on this, Mr. Omar pointed that the goal of this initiative is to help individuals and turn their initiatives and small projects to a good source of income, and to enable them to join the market while having good growth and development. In addition to that, the initiative aims to shed light on the importance of work, and of mastering the different types of crafts and vocations. He also noted that anyone who studied Bahraini history would see that there are many families who were named after crafts or professions of theirs, which were practiced in or outside of the market, but that the number of Bahrainis working in those professions has decreased due to many factors. Finally pointing that this is unsustainable, and that it might negatively affect the Kingdom on the long run.