Rashid Al Zayani Mosque to Launch a Calligraphy Center


Rashid Al Zayani Mosque has recently launched a calligraphy center aims at preserving the art form of the Arabic calligraphy, as well as to increase the number of artists who can master this kind of sophisticated art.

This initiative comes after the tremendous success that was witnessed after holding the Diwani font course for more than 20 participants at the same place.

Arabic script is characterized by its unique cursive style that produces different fascinating geometric forms. Throughout history, it is being associated with mosques and palaces’ architectural designs, in addition to being the font of printing the Quran.

The center will offer specialized free of charge classes to all interested male and female citizens in different Arabic fonts, including but not limited to Kufi, Ruqaa, al Thuluth, and the Nushkha among many others.

Mr. Omar AbdulAziz, Head of the Rashid Al Zayani Foundation, has expressed his great pride in Rashid Al Zayani Center for always being a pioneer in enhancing and serving its neighborhood and the surrounded areas, in addition to the Mosque’s major goal in spreading the religious education.

Registration is now open through the Mosque’s Instagram page or its website www.rzquran.com