Rashid AlZayani Mosque launches Anjal AlNoor program


Rashid Al Zayani Mosque announced the launch of Anjal Al-Noor (Children of Light) Program to teach children the Arabic language using the Noorani phonetic base. This aims to provide them with foundations in general reading, particularly reading the Holy Quran, correctly pronouncing vowels and consonants. This is a unique step, the program being one of the first

in Bahrain paying attention to children of this age.


Omar Abdul Aziz, Director of Rashid Al Zayani Mabara, expressed his pride that Rashid Al Zayani is one of the first mosques to adopt such programs. He affirmed that focusing on teaching correct Arabic to children at this stage would help them in many future aspects of life and create a generation greatly fluent in the language.


Registration is free and open to all through the mosque’s website www.rzquran.com