Rashid Al Zayani Mabara

About Rashid Al Zayani Mabara

Rashid Al-Zayani Charity Foundation was established in the Kingdom of Bahrain on May 14, 2009. The Foundation was registered at the Ministry of Social Development under law No. 21 of 1989, as regards the establishment of charity foundations in the Kingdom. The Foundation statute was published in the Official Gazette no. 2895 on the same date.


Rashid  Al Zayani Mabara Vision :


Rashid Al-Zayani Charity Foundation aspires to be a leading institution in the field of philanthropy. It also seeks with confidence to be an outstanding example of charity work and sustainable development in the society to which it belongs.


Rashid Al Zayani Mabara Message :


The Foundation has a clear mission that it desires to achieve. It is embodied in reaching out with help for those in need in the Kingdom of Bahrain, whether individuals or groups.


The Foundation aims to achieve its objectives as follows:


The Foundation aims at providing assistance to the needy families in the Kingdom of Bahrain, this is through assessing the need and determining the necessary assistance. The Foundation also aims at providing emergency assistance in the case of disasters and calamities as well as helping the needy families in renovating their houses, Furthermore, it aims at providing help to students to pursue their university studies inside the Kingdom of Bahrain. and work on projects that help to develop and enhance the standard of living of Bahraini citizens.