Rashid Al Zayani

Rashid al zayani

Rashid Abdulrahman Alzayani is the dean of Alzayani family. Born in 1912, he played an important role in the political history of the Kingdom of Bahrain as a member of the Constituent Assembly which established the Constitution in 1973. He was also a member of the Shura Council for two successive sessions. His philanthropist record includes many charitable works in various fields.

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Rashid Al Zayani Foundation has launched an initiative to support productive Bahraini families, under the theme of “Rashid Development Fund”


In an interview with Akhbar Al Khaleej, Head of Rashid Al Zayani Foundation, Omar Abdulaziz, said that while the institution keeps working on sustaining the projects in the market by giving them long term support, the first trial period has ended with the success of 13 Bahraini projects.

Rashid Al Zayani Mosque to Launch a Calligraphy Center


Rashid Al Zayani Mosque has recently launched a calligraphy center aims at preserving the art form of the Arabic calligraphy, as well as to increase the number of artists who can master this kind of sophisticated art.

This initiative comes after the tremendous success that was witnessed after holding the Diwani font course for more than 20 participants at the same place.

Arabic script is characterised by its unique cursive style that produces different fascinating geometric forms.

Al Zayani Investments organised a Ghabga for UCO parents care center


Al Zayani Investments organised a Ghabga for UCO parents care center